• East Africa Metals is an Explorer and Project Generator of mineral resources in Africa

  • Developing three Ethiopian projects with Mining Licenses – at Harvest and Adyabo

  • Combined Ethiopian gold deposits with 915,000 oz. indicated and 977,000 oz. inferred

  • Developing the 93 km2 Tanzanian Handeni Gold Project with two prospecting licenses

  • Tanzanian mining licenses with 721,300 oz. indicated and 292,400 oz. inferred gold deposits

East Africa Metals is a Project Generator with a focus on exploring and developing African mineral projects

As a project generator, East Africa Metals is focused on exploring, discovering and developing mineral properties in Africa. The company is uniquely positioned as an exploration company with a pathway to cash flow and self-funding. Through a focus on mineral exploration and development in Africa, EAM has established a track record for value creation thorough discovery and exploration success. Currently, the principal projects include three Ethiopian gold and precious polymetallic mining licences and two Tanzanian gold mining licences. A Vancouver based company, East Africa Metals’ shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol EAM.

EAM’s Ethiopian Project

The three Ethiopian projects with mining licences include:

  • The Harvest Property with the Terakimti polymetallic VMS exploration Project
  • The Adyabo Gold Property includes the Mato Bula Gold Copper Project and Da Tambuk Gold Project
  • Received government approval for three Mining Licences
  • Current combined gold deposits with 915,000 oz. indicated and 977,000 oz. inferred (resource details here)

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EAM’s Tanzanian Project

The significant Tanzanian project includes:

  • The 93 km2 Handeni Project within the Magambazi Property
  • Discovered gold includes 721,300 oz. indicated and 292,400 oz. inferred (resource details here)
  • Two prospecting licences with considerable additional potential covering 83.5 km2
  • Two mining licences totalling 9.9 km2

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Experienced Team of Management & Directors

The driving force behind East Africa Metals, Andrew is a Professional Geologist with over 30 years of experience successfully exploring, developing, and operating African and North American base and precious metals mining projects.

A seasoned public company CFO, Jacqueline is a CPA with over 30 years’ experience in providing professional services to a number of publicly listed companies.

As co-founder of East Africa Metals, Canaco and Tigray, Nick is a corporate communications professional who has raised nearly $260 million for companies in the public markets sector.

Denis oversees the planning and execution of EAM’s Tanzanian project as Chief Geologist and President of Canaco Tanzania Limited.

As a corporate communications professional, Lingling is experienced in corporate corporate promotion, culture publication, and internal and external communications coordination.

Dr. Wang is a leader in the non-ferrous metals industry in China, and holds a number of high level offices including Director of China Nonferrous Metals Resource Geological Survey and Vice-President of the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.

Dr. Antony Harwood (Tony) is an economic geologist with over 30 years of experience in the mining industry. Currently he is President and CEO of Montero Mining and Exploration a rare earth element focused company with its flagship property, the Wigu Hill Rare Earth Project in Tanzania.

David has over 30 years of experience in the gold mining industry, having served in the roles of Controller, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of public companies including Goldcorp and Wheaton River.

A mineral processing engineer and registered Professional Engineer in British Columbia, Sean has over 30 years of International minerals industry experience including company and project management, evaluation, design and operation.

King Solomon’s Mines and the historical significance of gold in Ethiopia’s Arabian-Nubian Shield

The Arabian-Nubian Shield was the site of some of mankind’s earliest geologic efforts, principally by the ancient Egyptians to extract gold from the rocks of Egypt and the Northeast Sudan. All of the gold deposits in Egypt and northern Sudan were found and exploited by Egyptians. The earliest preserved geologic map known as the Turin papyrus was made in 1150 BC to show the location of gold deposits. It is believed that East Africa Metal’s Adyabo Gold Project was the location of King Solomon’s Mines. This is the same King Solomon who married the Queen of Sheba who lived in the land of Sheba which is said to be the northern Tigray Region of Ethiopia. Now EAM is one of the leaders in developing new gold discoveries in the Arabian-Nubian Shield. You can read more about King Solomon’s mines  its relevance to EAM’s project in this presentation by Professor David Groves entitled “Gold-Rich VMS Deposit in the Arabian-Nubian Shield and the Quest for Solomon’s Mines”. Learn more...

King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

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